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BORDERLINED crafts each hoodie with love, without comprising comfort or quality. These designs are more than just clothing; they're your long-term companions, offering a therapeutic embrace day after day.
Therapy is expensive.
So I wanted to create a budget-friendly solution that wraps you in warmth and will be there to support you, ensuring you'll find solace in our hoodies, t-shirts, joggers and accessories for years to come.
Now I'm not going to say that happiness is just a purchase away.. but you can skip the hefty therapy costs and savor the (retail) therapeutic joy of your new and luxuriously comfortable emotional support hoodies, joggers and accessories (and get a nice hit of serotonin too)

Who is BPD babe?

Hey there,
I am a mental health advocate, peer educator and content creator.
My own personal experiences with mental health issues and a deep empathy for those grappling with BPD ignited a fire within. Armed with a passion for destigmatization and recognizing the lack of open dialogue and the misconceptions surrounding mental health, I channeled my energy into establishing a brand that would serve as a platform for education, empathy, and empowerment.
The incorporation of a purpose-driven clothing line adds a tangible dimension to BORDERLINEDS mission. Each piece of clothing carries not only a stylish design but also a message of hope, solidarity, and resilience. This integration bridges the gap between advocacy and everyday life, allowing supporters to wear their support proudly and spark conversations that matter.
By crafting a brand that seamlessly intertwines awareness, advocacy, and artistry, it is my commitment to breaking down barriers, whether through heartfelt conversations or the inspiring clothing line. It has ignited a positive change in perceptions and attitudes surrounding mental health and BPD.
I realize that the misconceptions and prejudices surrounding BPD often exacerbate the challenges that individuals with the disorder face. Motivated by a burning desire for change, I channeled my entrepreneurial spirit into building an inclusive community that offers a safe space for those impacted by BPD and Mental Health.
If we're gonna do it anyways, we might as well look hot while we battle mental illness.
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