About me

Hey there, thanks for being here.

My name is Julia. I am obsessed with crocodiles and alligators. I love the colour pink. I like mountains and I'm not really a beach person, but I love the sun. My favourite activity to do is wander through the grocery store. I like night time because I love looking at lights. I can talk about buildings and skylines forever. Artificial banana flavour is the best thing in the world and nobody can tell me otherwise. I am happiest when I am doing arts and crafts or being creative.

I was born in Canada and spent the last 8 years nomadically wandering across the world searching for a sense of meaning in my life, a purpose and the fragmented parts of myself I must have lost when I exploded into this world. In retrospect I now understand why I hated travelling and it was not the lifestyle for me (hint:✨autism✨)

I know everybody feels a bit lost, or like they don't know who they are. Especially at a young age. But I REALLY did not have a clue who I was. I spent my whole life copying other people. Putting on different characters hats, playing different roles. Dramatically changing my appearance, my lifestyle, my mannerisms, my friends, my aesthetic. Nothing has ever felt, like me. This body has never felt like home.

It wasn't until I really began to understand my mental health that I began to understand who I am. The path that has begun to unfold before me as I slowly unravel more and more aspects of myself, learn to feel safe with myself again and learn how to help others who feel the same as me.

I was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder in February 2021 and just recently Autism Spectrum Disorder in July 2023. My mental health journey has been a bumpy, long, windy road, and we are nowhere near the finish line.

Unfortunately, I seem to forget the world is still full of stigma and prejudice around mental health. I have been turned away by medical professionals, refused help or sent home for 'not looking sick enough'. I've been continuously let down by the system and professionals that are supposed to protect me.

This is when I began to realize that it surely wasn't just me who was experiencing this frustration, disappointment and hopelessness about my mental health. I set out on a mission to become a voice for those who are struggling. I started to advocate for mental health and begin to break down the stigma that surrounds it. I became passionate about educating my peers about Borderline Personality Disorder FROM somebody who HAS BPD, with real experience living with this disorder. (Not from a 60 year old man who read 1 chapter 40 years ago when he got his medical degree). I had a drive to create a community of people just like me, where they could feel safe, supported and know that they are not alone. I know just how scary the beginning of your journey can be, so I wanted to become a guiding light to help you.

Along my own mental health journey, I recently have just been diagnosed with Autism. This has changed my life. I now understand that this world was not built for people like me. I am not faulty or defective. I'm not wrong or bad. My brain is simply not the same as everyone else. I spent years of my life frustrated, reading the latest self-help books, watching the spiritual gurus manifestation techniques or feeling guilty for not being able to keep up with the latest neurotypical wellness trends. I now understand that all these trends, self improvement videos or life hacks aren't made for people like me. My life now looks like relearning what it means to be an autistic girl in a neurotypical world. And sharing that journey with you.

When I got diagnosed with BPD I began to scour the internet to try to read about people like me, but I was left with salty spouses on forums and stigma from the medical community. I realized there is a lack of relatability for people like me. All I wanted was to see representation of somebody who struggled with the same things I did, who felt the same way I did, who saw things my way and could validate my human experience.

So I became that person.

Now I am reaching hundreds and thousands of people, just like me. It has given me a sense of purpose and passion during a time where I couldn't find one reason to keep fighting. Now I create content to help others struggling with their mental health.

I also recognize that access to mental health services is such a privilege and not accessible to everyone. I want to give as much value as I can to those struggling that I can.

I have fostered a beautiful, loving and supportive community that has been so incredibly helpful, not just for me and my journey, but for everyone in this online space. Reading comments, listening to your stories, your voices, suggestions, tips and support has changed my life, and I don't know if you guys know it..but you are all helping each other by participating and engaging with my content. And so I thank you. I'm still here because of you guys. Thank you for giving me purpose, passion, excitement, finding my voice, helping me discover who I am, rebuilding myself after years of destruction and helping me help you.

With SO much love,