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Why Did You Start BORDERLINED?

I created this brand with a few things in mind.
1) I noticed there was a lack of high quality, durable, comfortable and stylish mental health awareness brands out there.
I became so tired of seeing the same mockups, the same shirt with a different 5 minute canva design on it and the same cheesy slogans on crappy quality t-shirts and hoodies.
I wanted to create something unique, that stands out. Something that makes you feel PROUD (and sexy) to be a BPD Baddie. I wanted to give you a voice, and show that you advocate for mental health too. I wanted to create sustainable products and empower you to be proud of who are you.
I poured to much thought and love into every small detail of this project. From choosing the right quality of the materials, hours of meticulously creating the designs, supporting small and reliable manufacturers, building, designing and filming the website, content and marketing. All of this has come from the depths of my heart.
Because I wanted to create comfortable, premium products that empower those of us who struggle with BPD. Even though fighting BPD is hard work, you can still look cute while doing it.
I am a PROUD BPD Baddie and I am a PROUD advocate for Mental Health Matters. I want to fight the stigma mental health has, and show the world BPD MATTERS. And I want to look damn hot while I do it.
2) I created this brand during a long admission in a psych ward. This project began with a tiny thought out of boredom here in the ward, which then unfolded into this beautiful creation it is today. At first it was something to do to pass some time, but quickly I became invested in the process and my baby was birthed. My time in the ward became an even split of therapy appointments, writing school assignments and working on this with every spare moment I had. Creating this project truly saved me from myself in the psych ward.
I know this is just the beginning for BORDERLINED and there is SO much more to come.

Why are your products relatively more expensive compared to others?

While this collection may carry a higher price tag, rest assured that every aspect has been meticulously considered. BORDERLINED prioritizes the finest quality materials, longevity, the most comfortable clothing on the market, and top-notch products & accessories, that not only meet - but exceed your expectations.
While prices might be higher than some alternatives, I firmly believe that the value and satisfaction you gain from these products justify the investment. BORDERLINED is committed to delivering an unparalleled experience that goes beyond mere affordability, focusing on providing you with the best that truly lasts.


Fulfillment: It takes 2–7 business days to create a product and fulfill an order once it has been placed.
Shipping: Shipping time depends on product availability and delivery destination.
For most items it can take between 5-10 days to arrive.
If you live in Australia or NZ:
BPD Baddie Hoodies and Joggers may take between 2-3 weeks to arrive.
I'm sorry, you guys live so far from the rest of the world, I tried my best.

Why Does Shipping To Australia Take So Long?

The fulfillment center BORDERLINED uses for its clothing is based in USA.
Amidst various options, I opted for this USA manufacturer because they unequivocally stood as the best choice; embodying exceptional quality, superior products and I value supporting small businesses.
Therefore, you can expect a little bit of a wait for your BPD Baddie Hoodie + Joggers & Crewneck. But I promise you, it is worth the wait.
In the meantime, while you wait for your new BPD Baddie Merch -Stickers, Mugs and Phone Cases can all be fulfilled here in Australia,
Those can be at your doorstep very quickly while you wait!

Returns, Refunds & Exchanges

No, we do not offer returns or exchanges and we have a no refund policy.
Triple check your order! Returns and exchanges are not supported, if you ordered the wrong size, color, or simply changed your mind.
However, in case of a damaged product or a manufacturing error, we offer a free replacement or a refund if you contact within 20 days of product delivery.


You can see the size chart here for all the BORDERLINED collection


These fit true to size and I tried every size and they all felt good! So go for if you want a tighter look or more baggy look!

BPD Baddie Hoodies:

These fit true to size. Medium felt like a perfect, slightly oversized fit for me. Large is quite baggy, but still good for oversized. Small was a tighter fit.

BPD/ Mental Health Crewneck:

I find that this Crewneck runs quite large. I felt that a Medium was comparable to a Large. Depending on the way you'd like it to fit, just keep in mind the sizes do run big. 

Why Don't You Offer Free Shipping?

Unfortunately life is expensive and so is shipping, sorry. I hate it too.

What Countries Do You Ship To?

Pretty much everywhere!

Why are your prices in USD?

The manufacturers and companies I work with, price in USD. To make my chaotic, unstable life a bit easier - I decided to keep it simple and price in accordance with the currency I deal with on the back end.

Are your products gender neutral?

ANYONE CAN BE A BPD BADDIE! Everyone is welcome here ❤️

What's next for BORDERLINED?

BORDERLINED apparel is just the beginning.
We are creating a community, a movement, here.
I have big plans in the future for BORDERLINED. Stay tuned xx